Hamby's Protector  
Enjoy the Convenience and Protection of Hamby's Protector and Save Thousands in Resale Value on your Boat.
  Sample Application  
Tommy Biffle, Top 100, B.A.S.S. and F.L.W. Professional Tournament Angler, loves the savings on the resale value of his boats.
Greatest invention for boats since seats with back rests. Beach your boat anywhere from solid concrete to broken rock with no damage to boat or Protector. All late model automobiles are protecting steel and chrome with urethane. Why not protect your boat with the same type of material? Only Tougher!
You can beach your boat on solid concrete with no damage to boat or protector. Don't be misled by cheap thin plastic products that offer no lasting protection. With Hamby's Beaching Bumpers you can beach your boat thousands of times over many years without damage.
Launching and loading is so much easier when the worry of hull damage is eliminated.Because of the need for special equipment and the slightly technical nature of installation, must be professionally installed.

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